Roll Model?!

Icam_newton_afr_usatsi love football and there’s nothing better than watching a great pass play with a dynamic quarterback. I have not been paying a lot of attention to the Carolina Panthers but the few games I’ve seen have been pure entertainment. Cam Newton definitely puts on a show. Here are the key words to take from that, entertainment and show. I recently heard a news piece on NPR about Cam Newton. Apparently he’s a flamboyant QB who doesn’t ‘fit the mold’ of a traditional QB! Good for him! But then I heard that phrase that drives me up a wall. He’s not a proper role model. Of course he’s not! He’s an athlete who gets an obscene amount of money to play a game. He’s not supposed to be a roll model for your child.

When I was a kid my roll models were my parents, teachers, the pastor of my church and the leader of our youth career development organization just to name a few. Those were the people I looked to for guidance. Those were the people I looked to as a moral guide. Those were the people I aspired to be like and have used much of what I saw in them to piece together my own character. Don’t get me wrong, there are many traits in athletics that are to be admired. I definitely learned great lessons by playing team sports and being on the track team. But I find it odd that parents today have relinquished the mantel of roll model to professional athletes. I would tell any child who admires a particular professional athlete to always do their best if that is a sport they aspire to excel in but I would also emphasize to them the value of the adults around them who are helping them attain their goals.

My Day In Court

Over the years I have had more than my share of run ins with Chicago cab drivers.  Drivers who would stop then immediately leave when I told them my destination.  Some who would turn their light off when they saw me waving them down.  And the list goes on to me arguing with one on which direction they should go to get to my destination.  All very frustrating, annoying, etc.  But I did finally have my day in court yesterday with one particular driver.  I was going a little over a mile away in my own neighborhood.  I’ve gone there many times and knew the way.  The cab driver proceeded to pass the only street which was the most direct route to my destination.  I asked him why he did not turn down that street and he appeared to be upset and then kicked me out of his cab way before my destination.  I asked him why but he did not give me an explanation.  I recorded all the info I could and filed a complaint with the city.  Next thing you know (five months later!) Jed’s a millionaire and a hearing is scheduled with me as the cities main witness!

Without dragging this out with a lot of details.  Basically the cab driver lied about a lot of things.  But the one lie he told that is TOTALLY not in my character is that he said I started cursing at him and became violent and started hitting the back of his seat.  Anyone who knows me will know right away that I would never do that.  He said he feared for his safety!  I just started laughing at that point.  Since it was basically his word against mine and there was no other real evidence the judge dropped all charges.  But I still feel like I won because he had to come to court and prepare his own defense with a bunch a crappy shit he pulled off the Internet.  At one point the city attorney representing me rolled her eyes!  He lost an afternoon of work and he had to acknowledge that the incident did happen and that someone challenged him.  I didn’t lose anything and actually felt a bit vindicated.  Life is good and I will continue to file complaints if I feel my rights have been violated!

Pussy Problems

Let’s just start with I’m kind of an insomniac and my cat is driving me fucking nuts!  I got Jada from a friend about eight years ago and he told me she was about 6 to 8 years old at the time.  So this is a geriatric pussy!  She’s never been very active.  Pretty much a couch potato.  Like me!  But within the past couple of weeks she has been VERY vocal and active in the middle of the night.  And I already have enough sleep issues!  The cats were the first disturbance I removed from my bedroom years ago.  Then I got an alarm clock with all that soothing shit to relax you.  I not only put up blackout curtains but I also installed blinds.  I even went so far as to put masking tape on any power cord LEDs to reduce the light level even further.  It’s basically a frickin’ cave in my boudoir!

But all of this to no avail if I can’t get silence at night.  That damn cat has been meowing and crying and running and I’m like SHUT THE FUCK UP!!  I could barely function at work I was so damn tired.  I ended up putting the little bitch outside.  Don’t worry, she was a stray and she has all her shots, tags and claws!  I finally looked up this behavioral change online and went down the list.  Senility seemed a good option.  Yeah, apparently cats get senile.  But then saw her doing something I had never seen her do.  She was actually chasing her tail like a kitten.  Hmm, so I pulled out some old toys and she was having a blast with a jingly ball.  This little heifer would NEVER play with any toys for years.  Now all of a sudden she’s gotten active in her old age.  So I let her play with the toy for about 30 minutes then gave her a nice late dinner.  I finally slept like a champ last night!  OK, I did have a little help from my friend Benadryl!  I still think she is senile because she thinks she’s a kitten!

In a DIY State of Mind

One day while cleaning my place I was looking under my sink for something to clean my bathroom tile.  Then it hit me.  Wow, there are WAY too many chemicals down here!  I mean the entire bottom of my cabinet is a chemical hazard zone and an accident waiting to happen.  So now I’m on a ‘Do It Yourself’ homemade cleaning agent kick.  I’ve only done a couple of things but they work great!  Here’s a recipe for a daily shower cleaner that really does work.  Oh and it’s really cheap!

1/2 cup Rubbing Alcohol
1/2 cup Hydrogen Peroxide
1 tsp Jet Dry
1 tsp Liquid Detergent (preferably grease cutting)
3 cups Water

My next thing will be homemade fabric softener.  It will probably be the first time I will actually look forward to doing laundry!

Bad Taste? Big Deal!

OK, just saw the whole (stupid ass) Miley Cyrus video that I keep hearing about.  You would have thought the girl was having sex with 3 pandas on stage the way everyone kept talking about it!  She didn’t do anything that the rest of the studio mixer board hooker-whores (Britney, Rihanna, Christina, etc) haven’t done before.  Has anyone ever watched a rap video?!  Miley’s (bad) performance doesn’t even compare to one of those.  Bad taste, sure.  But no reason for folks to lose their shit.  I recommend that next year we all put the MTV Video Awards in the history archives and watch something else.  Hmm, wonder what channel airs music videos?!

Body and Mind

I love dreaming because my dreams are so vivid and crazy and I usually remember them in great detail.  So here we go.  The setting was a cafeteria and I was just an observer at first.  Jean Luc Picard from the TV show ‘Star Trek: Next Generation’ was in an argument with the Blue Jin from ‘I Dream of Genie’.  Invariably my dreams have something sci-fi in them.  It’s just a thing.  I saw an episode of ‘I Dream of Genie’ earlier that day so there you go.  All of a sudden the Blue Jin turned into a large black cloud with evil eyes and captured JLP!  Yikes!!  At that moment I got so scared I had to pee.  So I made my way to the nearest bathroom.  There was a crazy long line.  I ran to another bathroom.  There was another crazy long line.  OMG, I couldn’t hold it much longer.  There was nowhere to go.  This dream is too real!  What was I going to do?  

And I wake up and realize I do have to pee really bad.  Thank you dream mind for alerting me.  That could have ended badly!

Change to the Change

Yikes!  Dems got their asses handed to them on a platter last night!  Looks like the middle has moved further to the right??  Poor Obama.  He spent so much time and political capitol bending over backward to reach the middle and the line moved on him.  He’s gonna’ have to bend into a pretzel to reach them now!  And where does that leave sensible minded progressives like me who were his main supporters?!?  Who’s talking to me??  I thought it was Obama but I think the message got lost between ‘Yes we can’ and ‘Don’t ask don’t tell’.  Guess I’m considered ‘fringe’.  Does that mean we can start our own party now?  The Republican party are pretty strong willed and singular minded and they are being usurped by the Tea Party.  Should be a cake walk for mushy Dems!  Someone needs to come up with a name for the new progressive party. How about the Cat Herder party!  Which would totally fit since the Dems are all a bunch of pussies!

Oh, and if I hear John Boehner cry one more time I’m gonna’ lose my lunch!  What the hell is with that guy??